Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear Parents,

I'm sorry this is impersonal but I wanted to let you know quickly that your missionary arrived late last evening into Sendai.  We met them at the airport and they were all doing great but they were tired after 24 hours of traveling.  They were loaded onto a bus that brought them to the Mission Home where we fed them a light meal and sent them to bed.  Today has been a wonderful day of interviews with President Rasmussen, training and information before they left for their first area of service with their new best friend, their trainer.  Everyone was healthy, happy and excited to finally be in the mission field.  

Preparation Day in the mission is Monday (which is Sunday in America) so you can expect an E-mail from your missionary that day.  I knew you were very anxious to know if they were safe and sound and I hope this E-mail will ease your mind.  

The pictures were taken this afternoon with their trainer before everyone left for their areas.  We had 24 new missionaries arrive so this is a large group.  

We have fallen in love with every one of these new missionaries that have come to us.  They will be a wonderful addition to the Japan Sendai Mission.  Thank you for preparing them so well!

Our love and best wishes, 
Sister Rasmussen
Japan Sendai Mission Mom

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