Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week Four

Kirk is on his fourth week in the Provo MTC, and was able to send these letters to us.

Good morning, family. This week has been pretty good, especially since the new Japanese kohai came this week. They're really increasing the number of Japanese missionaries, with 28 new ones in our branch alone. I also got to host this week, which Andrew was pretty jealous about. The ones I hosted for were going to Chicago, Tacoma, Sao Paulo, Tucson, and Tampa. A lot of them were recent high school graduates, which was pretty interesting. Other than that, this has been a fairly normal week here. It was fun seeing you all at the missionary thing at the Marriott Center. I'm glad I'll get to use the Internet and Facebook still! It's been really [hot] here and we don't have any access to weather reports, but my teacher's phone said it got to 100 yesterday. I'm kind of excited to go to Sendai, where I can see that it hasn't gone above 80 yet. By the way, you may not have heard this, but missionary clothing has been updated, so we're allowed to wear khakis but not allowed to wear backpacks anymore. On another topic, I learned from the LDS's statement on their website that the Supreme Court ruled on Prop. 8, but the way it was worded doesn't tell me much about what actually happened, like how the votes were split and what the reasoning was. [See here for the statement] I'm kind of disappointed you didn't send me anything about it, but I'll forgive you somehow. By the way, I've realized that some of the people in our district are like people in our family; Greenburg Choro is like Zachary, Cottle Choro is like Seth, and Jaycox Choro is like dad (except dad usually doesn't say that he hates people in public). Cottle Choro's blog post has also been really popular among the missionary moms apparently, because a few of us have heard about it, so if you can send it, I'd like to know what all the fuss is about. [The post he's talking about is here:] I'll be online for about fifteen more minutes and after our last temple trip, so feel free to respond. Bye!

In reply to news that Lindon's water is contaminated with E. coli: Delicious [For story see here:]

I told Kirk that he needed to send some funny stories, and here they are:

Well, a few weeks ago, one of the shimaitachi in our district got a watermelon shipped in from her parents. We managed to get the cafeteria staff to slice it up for us, so we got an entire tray of watermelon sitting on our table. We had eaten all we could and still had a lot left, so Snow Shimai told us to try to get other people to eat our watermelon. Greenburg Choro finally asked just one person if he wanted watermelon: the one black elder in the MTC. You should have seen Greenburg Choro's face after that.

Also, Greenburg Choro was trying to see if he could fit a cup in his mouth, which he easily did. I tried to do the same afterwards, but right at that moment, all the shimaitachi looked at me, and didn't see anything of what Greenburg Choro had done. So basically, they thought I had just stuck a cup into my mouth for no reason. It was totemo kimazui.
 I really miss swimming. It feels really hot here, but we don't have access to how hot it really is.

There's a lot of Chinese speaking missionaries around here, but not as many as the Japanese!

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