Monday, June 24, 2013

Week Three

日本語を作るよにいいですか?I finally found out how to type in Japanese on these computers, so that's been interesting. This week has been pretty good, but things aren't changing as much anymore, so I'm not really sure what to say. Instead of teaching just one investigator, we're teaching both of our teachers, Gregory 先生 and Tingey 先生. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with them, but I'll be sure to get some soon. 
We might be starting to go to the TRC today, but our 先生 are being ずるい so we don't know for sure. The 大先輩 leave on Monday, so soon we'll be upgraded to 先輩!(Basically, the oldest generation of Japanese missionaries is leaving, so we'll become seniors!) The next group of Japanese missionaries is also rumored to be entering this Wednesday. I don't know if you've heard, but the country with the most missionaries preparing to enter it here in the MTC right now is 日本!We have three branches of five districts each while the Chinese only have two branches of four districts each. The hymnbooks also finally arrived at our bookstore, so people in our district have been buying them. Thank goodness I had mine before I got here! There's quite a few songs that they don't have in English, such as the popular "Waiting for the Reapers". You'll have to find a Japanese hymnbook and learn it, all the Japanese missionaries love it here. 
Oh yeah, there's some norovirus or something spreading around the MTC, so we're kind of on health alert, with handshakes and hugs now forbidden. I'll possibly see you from across the Mariott Center tomorrow. 愛しています!

こんにちわ!お元気ですか?私はすばらしいです!Andrew didn't want his birthday cake, but I still gave left it in his classroom. My district ate a little bit of it, but the cake was huge enough that there was still plenty  for his district and the Tongans as well.

He just didn't want his district to know it was his birthday. And I'm pretty sure he was happy about it, he just didn't want to admit it.

With some help from Google Translate:
日本語を作るよにいいですか? = Nihongo o tsukuru yo ni īdesu ka = Is it good to make a yo Japanese?
先生 = Teacher = sensei
大先輩 = Dai senpai = big senior (student)
先輩 = senpai = senior
日本 = Nihon = Japan
愛しています = Aishiteimasu = I love you
こんにちわ!お元気ですか?私はすばらしいです = Kon'nichiwa! Ogenkidesuka? Watashi wa subarashīdesu = Hello! How are you? I'm wonderful

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