Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another week in Hachinohe

Hey everybody!

There`s not too much to talk about this week. We`ve had trouble meeting with investigators because they`re all busy. We`ve also recently been told by the mission to teach twenty lessons per week, though they can be with members, LA`s, anybody. Since the focus is generally to improve our language skills, it`s a nonthreatening way to teach people who don`t really believe they have interest at this point. We were able to teach one woman in our Eikaiwa class through this program, and she was very willing to listen properly to what we said, though she told us plainly that she`s `mushukyou` (nonreligious). We`re going to try to see how we can get more lessons, but for now it`s pretty difficult.

On Sunday, the missionaries were in charge of teaching during third hour block, so we helped them learn about how to be effective missionaries. Members need to realize that they are actually the ones in charge of finding; missionaries in developed countries can really only do so much on our own. You`ve probably heard how housing is the least effective way to find people, yet if members don`t help us, then we have no choice other than to do that.

So, Elder Fox made a great video detailing what we do as missionaries! We wanted to show that it`s not just constant housing out here, because that is the image most members have, which might explain why they find member missionary work to be so `taihen`. We`re hoping that once they realize how easy and fun missionary work can be, they`ll be more eager to do it! It`s harder in Utah, but hopefully you`re doing your best!

Love you all!


Elder Earl

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