Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Christ's Grave and More!

Hey everybody, this week was good, like most others!

First of all, Fox Choro and I went with the Japanese sister missionaries and the Yamanaka family, one of the pillars of our branch, to Christ`s grave! I`ll send pictures, but it`s pretty much just a cross on top of a mound. According to the legend, it wasn`t actually Jesus who was crucified but his little brother Isu Kiri. After that, Jesus dragged his brother to Japan, lived here for a while, and died. Also, apparently, Jesus spent ten years in Japan learning about theology before even going to Jerusalem. Yeah, it`s pretty much the most ridiculous story ever, especially with the English brochure flat-out admitting that it`s a completely made up story. It`s pretty nature at least.

After that, we ate horse meat at a yakiniku place. Yakiniku, by the way, is Korean barbecue, though everyone in Japan loves it. I mostly ate the beef, but the horse was actually pretty good, with a rich flavor and slightly chewy texture. I think it looks pretty gross, especially when it`s raw, but it was a good experience to have a chance to try it!

On Wednesday, we had our taikai (conference) in Aomori. It was really good, but because of when it ended, we weren`t able to catch our local train to Hachinohe. Instead, we had to take the shinkansen again. We were confident of making it to Eikaiwa on time, but the shinkansen got delayed for about twenty minutes, so we missed our connection in Hachinohe. We had to kind of scramble for a bus to the church and we still ended up nearly half an hour late. It ended up being a bit more expensive, so I`m hoping that the five thousand yen someone owes me comes sometime soon, or these last few weeks of the transfer will be a bit hard.

That`s pretty much it! Hope you all have a great week!


Elder Earl

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