Tuesday, October 21, 2014

General Conference Week in Hachinohe

Hey everyone, I finally got to see what everyone was talking about regarding General Conference! The week delay can certainly be annoying, but we`re almost finished at least!

This week has been pretty typical, honestly, mainly because General Conference and going to Aomori for Zone Training Meeting took up nearly half our week. Our investigator has also been difficult to meet with, so we only taught one lesson, and that was to our Free Family English Program lady. She`s really helpful at improving our teaching skills and she has moderate interest, but she needs to both feel and recognize the spirit to progress at this point. The other interesting thing we did was translate the Living Scriptures into Japanese with a member. I forgot how ridiculous and cheesy those videos were! The one where Christ comes to the Americas is honestly quite frightening. Watching these videos was very `natsukashii`, as the Japanese would put it!

Right now, it feels like there`s a lot of stuff that we`re waiting for, but not too much happening. We have quite a few people who want to do lessons, but they have to sort out their schedules still. We also have the huge Halloween party to prepare for. Activities are generally the most effective way to do missionary work around here!

Well, that pretty much sums up what`s been happening! We`re planning on visiting a member`s farm today, so I`ll have pictures of that next week, hopefully! As you may have heard, a super typhoon is heading up our way, so we probably won`t be able to do too much tomorrow (our one activity has already been canceled), but we`ll try to do our best! Aishiteimasu!

Elder Earl

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