Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Transfer Week

Reunited with his MTC companions!

Hey everybody! I hope you had a good General Conference weekend! I will be watching it this week, since we have to wait for the DVD`s to arrive in Japan, so don`t spoil too much!

On Wednesday, we took the long bus ride down to Sendai to pick up my new companion, Elder Hill. When we arrived in Sendai, I met my MTC companion for the first time since January of this year, so we all went and ate some Indo-curry before heading off to the Kamisugi church. When we arrived, there were nearly eighty missionaries there, about half the mission. It was probably the biggest group of missionaries I`ve ever seen, so I was able to talk to lots of different people that I hadn`t been able to meet with for a while. After that, we took the bus to the `honbu` (headquarters/president`s living quarters/Nagamachi elders` apartment) and left our luggage there. Since we went to Nagamachi Eikaiwa last time, we decided to visit Kamisugi`s this time. The big city of Sendai is honestly so different from the rest of our mission. When I first came to Japan, my impression of Sendai was that it was kind of run-down and not pretty, but now I realize how cosmopolitan and modern Sendai is. I would really love to serve there, especially when you consider how busy missionaries stationed there are. They even have a book store with English books, so I got a book to help with learning Japanese. I think if I stayed in Kamisugi for too long, I`d probably be very tempted by that place, so maybe it`s good that it was just for a day!

I went to District Leader`s training the following day, which was really interesting. We got served breakfast by Sister Smith (the president`s wife), which marked the first time I had French Toast on my mission. It was great hearing from President Smith during the training. He discussed how a `tsunami of evil` is sweeping the world. Using examples such as the mission president being kidnapped in Argentina and the wars and problems throughout the world, he made it clear that Japan is definitely one of the blessed countries. However, we need to get the word out to everyone ASAP, apparently. I`ve really come to love Japan more than you can probably imagine. I just want to help everyone out here, but they need to do their part and listen!

Other than that, it was a pretty standard week. We`re doing our best to plan for the Halloween activity, we had one meal appointment with a member yesterday, and we tried teaching Aizu-san, but he wasn`t feeling good so we couldn`t. The other elders taught their first lesson to Ron the preacher, and he had a lot of doctrinal disagreements with them, but it was generally good from what I hear. He`s a really nice guy and I love their family. They were talking about their typical meals, including breakfast of waffles, pancakes, and hashbrowns. That`s the kind of breakfast I miss!

That`s pretty much it! We`ve been doing our best out here and will continue to do so! Aishiteimasu!

Elder Earl

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