Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hey, everyone!

This week has been pretty good, other than the blizzard on Saturday which was probably the worst weather I`ve ever experienced. 真っ白 is the term they use in Japanese, which pretty much means `complete whiteness` due to all the snow flying in the wind.

However, while the weather may be continually miserable, the work isn`t! We taught most of our investigators this week and even had a member feed us dinner! We taught about the Sabbath Day to "S"-san, who found it pretty unusual, but she agreed to follow it! "H"-san is still doing well, and she gave us some vegetables from her hometown in Tochigi. We`ll try to set a baptismal commitment at this next lesson. We taught "K"-kun about the purpose of life, and now he wants more of a purpose in his life. And, finally, "T"-san came to church! But, we made a bit of a mistake. We told thim the Otahara Choro, the father of a missionary who taught him, would be coming this week, but apparently we had been misinformed. Our branch president seems to say 来週, which means `next week`, no matter how many Sundays later it will  be. Thankfully, "T"-san wasn`t mad at us, but it was kind of embarrassing. He said he was glad he came to church regardless of whether the person he had wanted to see was there or not.

Also, I had a split in Yamagata! It was so nice being in a bigger city again; it reminded me a lot of Akita, honestly. It was also nice riding a bike again, until it started snowing and I realized that I had forgotten my gloves. The apartment in Yamagata is extremely nice, but it`s literally on the edge of civilization. Other than that, though, it was really fun! It`s interesting having Zone Leaders who are `younger` in mission experience, especially since Bethea Choro was in my first district back in Ichinoseki/Kitakami.

What we`ve  been focusing a lot on this past week has been goals. Specific, achievable goals will get you much farther than anything else. Just make sure that they help you accomplish our true purpose in life, which you can find in 2 Nephi 2!

Also, next Sunday, I go to Fukushima! And teach a Chinese person about tithing! I still don`t know how that`s going to work, but I`ll do my best.


Elder Earl

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