Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Holidays in Yonezawa!

Happy Holidays, everybody!

It was great talking to you on Christmas! You probably don`t need too long of an email today, especially since there should be more to talk about next week.

"Tomoko"- san wasn`t able to meet on Sunday because he had work, so we don`t know whether he got an answer yet to his prayer. His job at the onsen hotel often prevents him from coming to church but hopefully we can figure out a way to solve this conclusively someday.

Like I said on Christmas, it`s been really cold lately, though the blizzard that hit us on the day itself has been the worst so far! Yesterday, when we tried using the shower, we realized that the water had actually frozen, so we weren`t able to use it until it warmed up a bit. Even more worrisome, the church`s water was frozen as well, which meant we didn`t have water for the Sacrament, until a member brought a bottle of water nearly twenty minutes late. Thankfully, Sacrament Meeting never starts on time here, so it wasn`t too much of an issue. Along with heaters not working, it`s been a chilly week!

Unfortunately, because of the New Year, dendo is getting a bit slow, but at least it`s a good opportunity to try to check up on Less Actives and others. Hopefully we`ll have good stories to share next week!


Earl Choro

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  1. Looks like you get a bit more info from your son than I do from mine, at least so far. :) Hope those boys can stay warm out there!