Sunday, March 1, 2015



Good morning, everyone!

I hope you are enjoying a nicer winter than I am. We got about four feet of snow yesterday, which brings the total to around seven feet in uncleared areas. I promise that I`m not exaggerating at all. It always hits on the weekends too, which doesn`t help much for getting people to sacrament meeting.

Anyhow, transfer calls came late Saturday; apparently, our companionship was the last in the mission, so we spent a long time worrying about it. Elder Whitrod is heading off to Miyako, and I`ll be district leader here in Yonezawa with my new companion, Elder Pierson. 

We didn`t do anything too crazy this week. We went to sushi with a less active from Washington who told us about his mission experiences in Brazil. It`s certainly not the same as Japan, for good and for  bad! He wants to help further the work here in Japan, but his job with the city keeps him from coming to church on Sunday. He will change jobs soon, but I`m just hoping that he`ll return to church. We meet him at the lunches at his job fairly often, as long as our investigator, "H"-san. The Chinese lady is always so happy when I come, she calls me Ye-san instead of either of my other names. I`m really glad that I can stay and work with these people.

We also had to give a `totsuzen` blessing. Unfortunately, our oil had leaked away, but we still did the blessing and were even able to do it in Japanese. Even though it is a less active member, he has strong faith that he`ll be healed, because it worked last time with the other pair of elders. He and his wife don`t really have a great understanding in regards to the knowledge aspect of the gospel, but they at least know about the power of God!

Our investigators are doing pretty well. "T"-san made it to church just after the sacrament had been passed and "H"-san came about an hour early, only to leave quickly due to an appointment in Yamagata. "S"-san`s been busy, but we`re hoping to meet with her this week. We haven`t gotten any new investigators for quite a while, but because we have to walk everywhere, it`s hard to fit finding time in our busy schedule. We`ll do our best, though!

Thanks for all that you do! Happy Groundhog Day!



P.S. The picture is at the international place with "H"-san and her daughter.

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