Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yonezawa, Transfer 3


Hey everybody!

I`m not sure what to say about what`s happened this week. Mostly it`s been the usual things. We couldn`t meet as many of our investigators due to lots of annoying random things, but we still were able to meet a few of them. They are all progressing in their own slow way, but we`ll work to help them a lot this transfer!

We were supposed to play basketball with a less active, but he was `irusu` (at his home, but pretending not to be), so we weren`t completely sure what to do, as we had already rented out a basketball place. Olsen Choro, who had called me to tell me this bad news, asked whether there was anyone else who would play with us. Well, there was a group of high school kids each playing on their own phones. I asked whether they wanted to play with some gaijin, and they were pretty excited about that. They may not be investigators or anything, but at least we found a way to turn lemons in lemonade!

We also started Yamaguchi Shimai on her family history, taught a member missionary class, and enjoyed a few days without snow. Keep praying for us!


Elder Earl

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