Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another Freezing Transfer in Yonezawa!


The transfer has come to an end, and my companionship is one of the few in the mission not changing at all! While I`m not going to enjoy the constant snow that has been falling for the past few weeks, I am grateful to not be losing my good investigators! Also, a new missionary is being trained in the other companionship, so it will be interesting to see what that`s like!

On Tuesday, we had our Christmas Zone Conference in Yamagata with all missionaries in Yamagata and Fukushima Prefectures, as well as the Nagamachi missionaries. It was both spiritual and fun, though being the angel in the nativity wasn`t the best. We had a vocabulary game, and our district won somehow, despite not having studied whatsoever! There wasn`t any prize, so it didn`t mean too much, but it was pretty fun. We also had a present exchange, which was interesting as usual. I got a `grenade`, set to `go off` when I opened the package, from Greenburg Choro, my MTC companion. The Japanese AP got my present, a big Christmas tree with red ornaments made out of Daiso materials. The best part, though, was probably getting to see lots of missionaries who we don`t generally have a chance to visit with. A lot of them are now off to other areas, except for the sisters who came to Japan with me who are all heading home this week. The mission keeps getting faster and faster!

Back in Yonezawa, we had lots of good lessons with our investigators. Some of them are actually progressing now! "S"-san finally came to church with her seven-year-old son! They had to leave after Sacrament meeting, but it was still pretty good! Also, "T"-san came to church just a bit after the Sacrament had been passed, and he told us that he had finished reading the Pearl of Great Price! "H"-san`s lesson was pretty good, except she had trouble finding the apartment of the member we taught at, so it ended up being a bit short. However, she has lots of good questions, including the golden question, `Where in the Bible does it say that there won`t be any prophets after Jesus Christ?` which we were able to answer with by explaining modern day prophets. Our joints have high hopes for her and her adorable baby!

This week will probably be pretty busy as we prepare for our Christmas Party, welcome the new missionary into Yonezawa, and do the normal missionary stuff! Tomorrow, I`m going to go with one of our Eikaiwa students to a Chinese class, so that will be different from normal. Hopefully it turns out well!



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