Sunday, December 7, 2014

Off to Yonezawa!

Picture from the countryside:
November 2, 2014

Hello everybody! It`s been a busy but wonderful week here in Hachinohe!

As the title makes extremely clear, transfer news has come! Even though I`ve only been here three transfers, I`m heading off to my new home in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture. We actually heard about it during interviews with President Smith on Thursday, which gave us a lot of time to warn members about the transfer news. I`ll be companions with Whitrod Choro, my second Australian, and I`ll finally get to have a Japanese elder in the apartment again! Yonezawa is very different from Hachinohe; the population is about a third of the size, there are no sister missionaries, the branch is very tiny, I`ll be in the southern part of the mission for the first time. Howerver, I`m very happy to hear about this transfer.

Yonezawa is one of the very blessed areas of our mission. They recently had their first baptism in more than five years, and I`m quite sure that I`ll be helping teach that recent convert. And guess what?! She`s Chinese! She also has Chinese friends that could be interested, so I`ve recently been trying to review the Chinese I`ve slowly been forgetting. Also, I`ve actually met one of the investigators that is being taught there because he came to Hachinohe once. It`s a lot of really interesting things, especially since President Smith had no idea about a lot of these things. Elder Fox and I are going to miss Hachinohe a lot, especially the investigators and members that we`ve really come to love, but we`re both excited about our new life in the south!

In other news, we had our Halloween Party on Friday, which took forever to pull off. It was pretty decent with more than thirty participants. Because of this week`s busy schedule, with District Conference on the weekend along with Zone Training Meeting on Friday and interviews on Thursday, we had pretty much no time for any normal missionary work this week. It was pretty fun though! I got second place in the costume contest!

Today will probably be spent preparing for the transfer and saying good-bye to those who didn`t have a chance to hear about the transfer. Fox Choro and I will probably go on splits so that we can make it to all the people we`ll be leaving behind. I`ll always regret not learning shuwa to the extent that I wanted to, but I`m excited about the opportunities that this transfer presents.

Aishiteiru yo!

Aaru Chourou

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