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November 16, 2014


This week has been another wonderful one out here!

First of all, we had a baptism here! Little "A"-kun got baptized by his father yesterday at the end of church. It was my second time seeing a baptism in Japan and my first time seeing a child get baptized. It was pretty interesting. Just like in Ichinoseki, they don`t have a proper font, so they use a blow-up pool instead. We used the hot water from the church, but the `toyu`, kerosene used for heating purposes, ran out about halfway through and the water was nowhere close to being adequate. It was a bit of a scramble, but thankfully "A"-kun is extremely tiny, so we were able to use the shallow font successfully. Also, we had two investigators and the non-member husband of our recent convert come to the service!

We got a chance to teach "Y" Shimai, our Chinese recent convert. She`s honestly so awesome! You would hardly guess that she got baptized a bit over a month ago. Her husband is also really nice! He`s kind of shy, but I think he`ll get into the church at some point. We taught their 7-year-old son "Y"-kun English as well as a gospel lesson, and the whole family participated. It was fun watching them play charades, especially when "Y"-kun would get his parents involved!

We taught four of our investigators this week. We actually finally have two of them progress! "T"-san came to church for the fourth time in nearly two years of meeting with missionaries and also was able to see a baptismal service for the first time. He`s really nice and has immense gospel knowledge, but he`s not willing to make a decision until he feels like he knows for sure. We`ve been trying to get him to understand that he`s probably not going to get an answer in a big way, like a voice from God, but that it will come slowly, which I think he`s beginning to understand. I`m hoping that he`ll be a success story in the future! Our other lessons were pretty normal, but I still have a lot of hope for these people!

On Saturday, we ate Indian curry for the first time here. The shop-owner was really nice and enjoyed speaking English with us, since he says he doesn`t get too much practice in Japan. I didn`t know this, but apparently these workers transfer not only from restaurant to restaurant but from country to country. The person we spoke to this week apparently lived in Germany for five years before coming here and expects to be off to the next country sometime soon. We`ll try to see if we can help him with English and the gospel! Also, the curry was delicious. I`m going to miss eating curry all the time when I get back home.

Well, that`s about it. We`re going as a district to eat at a `baikingu` place, which will be really fun! I`ll try to get pictures and such! I haven`t taken almost any here, but I`ll stick a picture of our somewhat dilapidated church in at the end!



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