Monday, June 8, 2015


May 17 letter:
    Yamagata city
We've had a fairly nice week here in beautiful Yamagata. We'll be
heading off to Yamadera for my last district p-day soon, but I should
have great pictures to send you tonight.

Missionary work is still good out here. Our investigators have been
doing pretty good, though none of them were able to come to church
this week. We also went to the Satou family and had Hungarian gnocchi,
which was extremely good! Hopefully I can get the recipe for that! Our
deaf recent convert is still hard to understand, as is our older
investigator. We haven't had any major problems at least!

We were searching for less actives on Saturday when we went to an
apartment missionaries hadn't visited recently. It turned out to be a
deaf lady, who was really shocked that we could communicate in sign
language. She told us that she had studied with Mormons before but
that she wasn't ready for the lessons right now. Hopefully that'll
change with time and some help from the deaf members.

While we were planning at the church, the telephone in the front
entrance started ringing. I answered and had probably one of the
strangest moments on my mission. A woman told me that she had someone
in Yamagata that she wanted to share the gospel to, but she wouldn't
tell me his name or any way to contact him. Then she told me to visit
his mom in the hospital, but she didn't know which hospital the mom
was in and she only knew a last name. We tried visiting all the
hospitals we could think of, but they wouldn't tell us anything with
just a last name, so we had to give up. The weirdest thing was that
she told us not to say her name or the other person's name to any
church members. I wonder if I'll ever figure out what was actually
going on...

Other than that, right now I'm looking forward to my last Zone
Conference where I'll give my final testimony, our visit to Fukushima
next week, and a busy week of lessons with pretty much as many people
as we can get.

Enjoy your last few weeks of school!


Elder Kirk Earl

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