Monday, June 8, 2015


May 31 letter:

Dear everybody,

Just so you all know, I'm not trunky yet! In fact, I haven't even
started packing, though I might want to get started on that sometime.
Last week, I bought a very cheap suitcase at a recycle shop, so I
think I should be able to bring anything important back with me. You
can recognize it because of the massive dent.

We've had a good week here in Yamagata, as usual. I'm not sure there's
anything too crazy to report on. Mostly we've just been visiting
people, housing, and doing what we can to find investigators. We've
been getting better at giving out copies of the Book of Mormon, mostly
to old ladies who are just being nice to us, but at least the word is
getting out there! We found one college student who said she was
interested in foreigners, which is why she answered the door, but we
were able to have a good discussion with her and give her a Boom of
Mormon, which she eagerly accepted. We've found lots of potential
investigators, but we have yet to see what will happen with them.

We also had Stake Conference, which was reasonably good, but since we
didn't go to Sendai we only saw the broadcast of the Sunday session.
The focus was the Sabbath, which is a pretty difficult commandment
here in Japan for sure. I liked a talk that a church leader from
Kyushu gave. He said that he knew a man who felt like he wasn't
gaining anything from coming to church, so he decided that he would
just study the scriptures at home instead. The speaker asked him if he
remembered what he had eaten for lunch the week before, and he said
no. The point was that even though we rarely remember specifically
what we learn at church, just like food, it nourishes us and we will
suffer if we don't regularly attend church services, just like
forgetting to eat would be rather uncomfortable. It makes me feel
better about forgetting what was taught the previous week at least!

Anyhow, this week is going to be great! The ward is planning a
farewell party for Greenburg Choro and I, which is probably the
strangest thing for me. I try to tell them that I still have plenty of
time left, but I guess they don't consider a week and a half a ton of
time. The members here are honestly the best. I wish you could
experience a Japanese Ward. It's a lot different than back home.

See you all soon! If you want any souvenirs from Japan, other than
what I've already bought, please tell me how much you're willing to
pay for and I'll do my best. This will probably be the last p-day that
I have time for that sort of stuff.

See you soon,


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