Monday, June 8, 2015


May 24 letter:

Hey everybody! We've had yet another good week here in Japan.

On Monday, we had district p-day at Yamadera which was really fun. It
is exactly as beautiful as they say it is. We then ate Indian curry,
which is honesty addictive. I think we'll probably eat it agin today
since it's so close and reasonably cheap. Do they have cheese naan in
America, by the way?

We finally cut down "H"-san's tree! It only took two hours, but
it looks a lot better now. We then had some dondonyaki, a Yamagata
only treat, and taught a lesson about the importance of the Book of
Mormon. He says that he's not bright enough to understand everything
properly, but he's doing pretty well, I think. We also taught a fun
restoration lesson to our other investigator, and he said that our
doctrine is actually simpler than the way other churches teach. He
said that the way we believe in three separate beings makes more sense
than three beings who are also the same being.

We did service at a nursing home this week as well. We spent nearly an
hour cleaning the floor while a patient watched us. She asked us the
following questions nearly twenty times each: 「何で来たの?」(How did you get
here?)「掃除して来ましたか?ご苦労様。」(Did you clean? Good job.)「イエスキリスト」(Jesus
Christ, said whenever she noticed our name badges.)「奥さんは何をしている?」(What
does your wife do?). We started answering different ways as time went
on, since she wasn't able to remember that we came by bike and that we
were both single. She was very impressed when I told her that my wife
is a famous singer! The staff members kind of chuckled when they saw
what was going on.

We also went to and from Fukushima this Sunday. As usual, it was great
to see all of the faithful members and enjoy the travel. There was a
grandma who kept telling us about her time as a music teacher when she
was younger, a woman asking for all sorts of English help, and other
fun stuff.

Finally, I went to my final zone conference, which also meant that I
gave my testimony. Just like everyone says, it seems like at the
beginning of your mission that the day you give that final testimony
will be so far in the future, yet it ends up coming so fast. I can
hardly believe that I'm in the last few weeks as a full time
missionary, but we still have lots of things to do before I can go
home! Hopefully we have good things to tell you next week!

See you soon!

Elder Kirk Earl

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