Tuesday, May 12, 2015


3-29 Letter:
Hey everybody! So I think Easter is technically next week, but our ward told everybody that it was yesterday, so I guess I`ve already celebrated it enough.

It`s been great to have my first full week here in Yamagata. It`s a pretty crazy place, much bigger than my previous area. Even though we don`t have nearly as many investigators as Yonezawa, it feels like we`re always busy.

We finally got to meet him on Tuesday. His name is "H"-san and he`s an older gentleman who`s daughter lives in Bountiful. He thinks that his daughter asked us to meet with him so that he can get ready to go to Utah where he thinks that he won`t be able to drink, smoke, or play pachinko (Japanese gambling). As you can see, he`s going to take a lot of work. He gives us Coca-Cola every time we visit, which means I`ll probably drink more here than in America. Obviously, we`re focusing on finding as a companionship right now.

On Saturday, we spent the morning shoveling snow in a mountain village. It was kind of funny, because it was the grandparent of a Yonezawa member`s house. Seeing her again was pretty interesting. The snow shoveling was pretty intense, because even though there`s no snow in Yamagata at all, in the mountains it was nearly three feet high. We managed to clear a parking area and improve the path to the house. It kind of shocks me that people live in those sorts of conditions, especially people in their eighties. They gave us food afterwards, but they had such a difficult accent that we required translation to understand anything, except when the grandma would tell us to eat more rice.

Our Easter party was pretty fun. We had a large group of Primary kids and others celebrate with us. The food was lots of egg sandwiches, so I was really hungry, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was the first Easter celebrated by many of the members, so it was a good introduction. My job was to take pictures, so I have many!

Finally, iPads! We`re getting them on Thursday this week! One good thing is that we won`t have to arrange email schedules with the other missionaries anymore. Also, I can read your emails starting 11am on Thursday. It`s kind of like letters, we can read them when we get them, but we don`t respond until P-Day. It will be so convenient!




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