Tuesday, May 12, 2015


4-6-2015 Letter

Hey everybody! As you may have heard we are now using iPads in the
Japan Sendai Mission! Even though I've only had it sense Thursday, it
already feels like something you couldn't really go without. It
certainly makes email a lot easier, since we don't have to arrange
times with the other missionaries. It's also fun having everything we
need for study on one device, as well as lightening the load in our

However, iPads are nice but they're not everything. They're a great
tool, but most of the good stuff that's happened this week doesn't
really depend on them.

For example, our investigator came to church this week! He's still
going pretty slowly, but that's old people I guess. His daughter back
in Bountiful certainly wants him to get converted so that they can
have a forever family, but he finds it hard to believe in things that
he can't see. He also paid for sushi for us at a local 回転寿司
(merry-go-round sushi), which was tasty. He was kind of dissapointed that I
didn't eat to much (only 10 plates), but I'll do better next time! It
sometimes is hard to work (with someone who changes slowly), but one man who has
been meeting with missionaries for over a year finally said yesterday
that he's ready for baptism, so I know "H"-san's heart can change

A member also brought her nonmember son, who seems pretty interested
in increasing his church knowledge. We'll try to get lunch with him
and talk more this week. He loves volleyball, so the ward mission
leader told me to use my height to our advantage!

Our recent convert is a bit in a crisis because
someone got injured in one of his jobs, which apparently is going to
be quite expensive for our member, as well as really psychologically
traumatizing. Thankfully, he's relying on the gospel and he says that
he told the wife of the injured man about how our church has blessed
him and bore testimony to her.

President Smith also came, which was great of course. He even paid for
dinner for most of our district! He really cares a lot about
missionaries here. He also interviewed one of the other missionaries'
investigators, and he's good for baptism! We'll have one on the 18th
and another baptism on the 19th. It's going to be pretty crazy here.

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