Tuesday, May 12, 2015


4-19-2015 Letter

Hello everyone!

This week has been incredible out here in Yamagata!

As you might have heard, we had two baptisms, one on Saturday and the
other on Sunday, both investigators of the other elders. "I" Kyoudai
is the man who is deaf who was introduced by his friend who got baptized a
few months ago, and "M" Kyoudai is a Mongolian student who was
actually first taught by my trainer, Dowdy Choro. They are both so
great and will really strengthen the ward. We had musical numbers in
each baptismal service, but I'd definitely say that our Shuwa was more
understandable than our Mongolian.

We also have a new investigator! His name is "T"-San and his mom
is an active member. His dad wouldn't let him get baptized until he
was of legal age, and so now that he's back in Yamagata, he wants to
get faith like his mom and get baptized if that happens. He is
extremely prepared and so cool! We ate ramen with him on Saturday
after doing a lesson, which was delicious. The only problem is that he
lives fairly far away, nearly thirty minutes by train, and he can't
meet in Yamagata too often. We'll try heading off to Sagae for another
lesson this week.

We had a pretty embarrassing mess up this week. We had an appointment
with our investigator with a joint set up as well, but we had enough
time to go to Kaminoyama to contact a referral (nice guy, but his mom
had died a few days before, so we'll give him a little time). Somehow,
we mixed up our train times and ended up an hour late. Our joint, also
the ward mission leader, said it actually ended up being good because
he had a good time talking with our investigator, and he thinks he has
good potential.

We also got a referral from a member that we didn't actually know. She
just randomly asked us whether we like science or chemistry (same word
in Japanese) and then told us that there was a guy who volunteers at a
science museum that she wants us to contact! The members here are so
good with missionary work!

I also had to give a talk yesterday with just one day's notice, but is
went really well! Lots of members said that it was really good
Japanese and that it was fairly short but powerful. I don't know how
I'll be with giving a talk in English though, so don't expect anything
too good when I get back home.

Also, Sakura are out. I'll try sending pictures soon!

Love you,


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