Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last transfer! 最後の転勤、最高の転勤

4-26-2015 Letter


As you know, I am now in the last transfer of my mission. Which also
means that I have a new companion, Elder Temanaha Moo from Tahiti. I
hear that he's one of the nicest people out on our mission and I'm
excited to end my mission with him. Also, my old MTC companion, Elder
Greenburg, is heading up here to Yamagata as well, so we are going to
end our missions in the same district after never having been in the
same zone previously. I'll miss Elder Mantz, but he'll do great in

We had a pretty good week here! It hasn't rained since Monday, and it
might not rain again until I go home, hopefully. It makes it a lot
easier to do the stuff we want to do, like anything outside. We did
'チラシ配り' which just means handing English fliers near the busier
pedestrian areas to people who walk past, which went pretty well. The
only problem was that an election was going on here in Yamagata so
some vans were blasting campaign messages on the streets, making it
really hard for us to hear anything people were saying. We also found
a lady's hat, which took nearly half an hour to deal with at the
police station.

We met with an awesome less active family. The mom is originally from
Slovakia, but even though she's white she speaks Japanese better than
any other language I'm capable of speaking. She made a really nice
dinner for us and then we gave a message about prayer. The parents
still pray and listen to General Conference, but they don't come to
church. Apparently the sports activities that their children take part
in are a priority for the family. It's really sad because the youngest
son hasn't even been baptized yet, despite being nine years old. We'll
have to work with them for sure.

We also gave a Book of Mormon at a park during the cherry blossom
festival. A conversation that started with me asking a young looking
guy what he was eating turned into us giving a Book of Mormon and
getting his information to refer to missionaries in Chiba (the most interested people always seem to be from Tokyo). We also were able to teach a person we found in housing, which almost never happens. And we taught
our investigator who's in the hospital, and it seems his cancer is
getting better!

The work is going great here! We've gone from one slowly progressing
investigator to four fairly decent investigators during the last few
weeks. The funny thing is that almost none of them were found
completely by our own efforts. We also have two referrals that we will
be able to contact in the near future, so everything is going the way
it should be. Members are the way that missionary work happens!

I don't know what else to say. Japan is great, missionary work is
great, and the gospel is true! I'll talk more on Mother's Day! With
iPads, it's a lot easier to coordinate things.



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