Tuesday, May 12, 2015


4-12-2015 Letter

Dear everybody,

We've had a pretty nice week here in Yamagata! The cherry blossoms are
starting to bloom and it almost feels like Spring is here for good!

General Conference was good of course! It was fun to be able to watch
it in English with some other people from our ward. I felt like almost
every talk was aimed at me and the people I know here. It seems that
they are especially aiming at all the missionaries who left at the
same time as me, making sure we know exactly what we're expected to do
as soon as we get home.

I realized today that it's exactly two months until I'm back home in
Utah. Or, in other words, the equivalent of another session at the
MTC. Sometimes it felt like I was there forever, and sometimes I felt
like it flew by. I don't know which pattern the next two months will
take, but I'll be sure to keep doing my best!

We had a lesson with "H"-San, our older gentleman, on Thursday, and it
went pretty well! We planted a pea seed in a PET bottle with dirt we
found by the river and told him that the seed was a representation of
faith. Just like you have to nourish peas if you want them to grow, a
testimony works the same way. He really got the example, quite well
and even prayed that the plant and his faith would grow!

We also had a rare double meal appointment last night. After takoyaki
with our recent convert, we did a practice lesson with the bishop's
family and ate some curry. Also, "M" Shimai, the bishop's wife,
made the most delicious brownies ever! She had what she called '失敗' or
'failure' brownies, but they were so delicious! They reminded me of
grandma's brownies that we'd eat at least twice a year, for the same
occasion as yesterday!

By the way, we just heard that a volcano is showing signs of activity
near us, but we should be fine! You'll hear whether anything more

We should see the cherries start blooming this week, so I'll have nice
pictures for you all next week! Have a great week and keep up the
emails! I'll respond on Mondays only!


Elder Earl

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